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Who We Are

Four guys who really like fantasy basketball.

We’re not necessarily fantasy basketball experts (though at least one of us disagrees with that statement), we don’t have any insider information and we have varying levels of experience, but we take our fantasy basketball more seriously than we should and enjoy the discussion that comes along with that.  And we’ve found that there’s a good amount of analysis and strategy that can be done - so we’re hoping that by blogging our thoughts and strategies (and perhaps some random musings along the way), we can start a conversation with people who overthink fake basketball as much as we do.

Greg Actuary by day, fantasy numbers cruncher by night. Risk-averse (or perhaps better yet, risk-calculating). Always looking for good value deals and the best “bang-for-your-buck” - probably the Asian genetics at work. Spends more time on fantasy than he should.

Jared Retired at the amateur level from basketball at the early age of 10 due to physical, mental, and skill-related limitations, now attempting to take his talents to professional NBA 2K.

Sean Fantasy basketball veteran. Loves the numbers side of fantasy basketball and that he finally gets to make some use of his business degree. Overly competitive and often accused of taking the fun out of fantasy sports. Self-proclaimed “Oracle” of fantasy basketball knowledge.

Wayne Hi, my name is Wayne.

Got Any Fantasy Questions?

Feel free to contact us if you have any fantasy basketball questions - i.e. deciding between two players to pickup, optimal draft decisions, opinions on potential trades, thoughts on Russell Westbrook's game day outfit, etc. - and we'll do our best to get back to you!

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