So you’ve done your research – hopefully with one of our draft strategy guides – and executed on your well-designed draft strategy. You’ve been reading up on how the preseason played out and monitored the waiver wire since the draft. Maybe you even made a few savvy pickups in the days leading up to the season since you saw a mediocre player being given a surprising allocation of minutes (see: Lawson, Ty). Sean’s Savvy Team is ready to demolish the competition and reach fantasy glory. But something doesn’t feel right. Your fantasy team seems incomplete, and it’s not a player that you missed out in the draft (or at least not only that).

Your problem? You don’t have a clever team name. Even if you win your league, it only brings more attention to your lack of creativity. And if you lose, nobody will remember your boring team. The solution is simple: browse our database of 100+ Fantasy Basketball Team names, choose your favorite team name that is associated with a player on your team, and profit in the form of laughter from your friends and a team name that will be remembered.

For the full database, click here.

Our favorites for this season (and among the names that many of us are using this year):


  • Fifty Shades of Klay – Literature student Kevin Durant’s life changes forever when he meets handsome, yet tormented, sharpshooter Klay Thompson. Klay will see you now.
  • Victor Oladeepthroat – I can’t get it in real life, so the next best option is in fantasy. Plus, Oladeepthroat rolls off the tongue much better than Olidipthroat. Pun intended 😏
  • Avery Breath You Take – If this was scrabble, you’d get extra points for Avery part of the name you use, so kudos to this one as we Brarely, yet elegantly, used both.
  • Gotta Catch Jamal – You’ll probably see a lot of Pokemon references, but can you really catch Jamal’s crossover or will you be left on the ground ankle broken?


  • DeMar DeMerrier – Hailing from the 6, I’ve got to pay my tribute to the homeboy DeMar DeRozan.
  • Carmelo Macchiato – I really need a coffee before I can write any more.
  • Teague of Legends – I’ve spent way too many hours on this game.
  • Gotta KATchem all – The little kid in me jumped for joy when I finally caught the elusive Karl Anthony Towns.


  • Russellmania – If you ever watched the WWE, Wrestlemania was the premier event of the year and that’s exactly what Russ has become for the NBA except on a nightly basis. He’s the show now and this name reflects that perfectly.
  • Nance the Rapper – The moment Nance becomes any semblance of a viable fantasy player, I’m nabbing him and changing my name to this. Gut is telling me I won’t be using this name.
  • Steph Infection – I’m legitimately a man child with very little maturity. This makes me chuckle.
  • Victor Oladeepthroat – See above.


  • Fifty Shades of Klay – A very flexible name that does’t need much explaining – aside from Klay Thompson, this can also be used for Dray (Draymond Green), Dre (Andre Drummond), Jae (Jae Crowder)… you get the point.
  • Super Dario 64 – You get the benefit of referencing (a) a classic and (b) a potential breakout player (Dario Saric) on your team. It’ll feel even better when he leads you to a fantasy championship, and you can say that you called it at the start of the season.
  • Bed, Bath and Biyombo – No guarantees that he will stay relevant past this season (and considering the frontcourt logjam in Orlando, maybe not even half this season), so use your best Bismack Biyombo team names while you can.
  • She Wants the D’Angelo – Just as you too wanted the D’Angelo (on your team).
Written by DP&R Editors