Here we share one of our most valuable possessions: our Ultimate Fantasy Basketball Team Name Database. If you are in need of a clever team name, look no further – this database contains our favorite player-related team names for the 2016-2017 fantasy basketball season. Whether you are looking for geeky, inappropriate, witty, pop culture-related, or something else, the database has something for you. We recommend that you browse our list – after all, picking a funny┬áteam name is pretty much the most important decision you’ll make to influence your team’s fate this fantasy season.

Note #1: We’ll continue to update this list as we think of new ones or receive suggestions. ┬áSo feel free to let us know anything we’re missing in the comments section!

Note #2: Not all these names fit under Yahoo! Fantasy’s 20 character limit for team names. (Why would you limit it to 20 characters?!?)

Let us know your thoughts!

Written by DP&R Editors